Looking for a simple and resilient OpenStack Neutron networking solution? Find it hard to deploy, manage and troubleshoot the physical and virtual networking?  How about a Unified Physical + Virtual solution for your OpenStack data center networking? 

Watch this recorded webinar featuring the Big Cloud Fabric team who discuss the industry's first unified physical + virtual SDN fabric for deploying resilient OpenStack clouds. 

Discussion topics include: 

  • Operational Simplification: Controller based provisioning of P+V Fabric with full Neutron integration for L2/L3 (distributed routing, NAT)
  • Tenant Centric Provisioning: Accelerate application deployment and simplify operational workflows.
  • Simplified Troubleshooting: A single pane of glass with visibility and analytics for the entire physical and virtual network environment.
  • Big Switch Labs: Try out OpenStack Integration with Big Cloud Fabric online for free!  Sign-up Now!  


  • JP Shukla, Product Management, Big Switch Networks
  • Ganapathi Bhat, Technical Marketing, Big Switch Networks    


  • Sunit Chauhan, Product Marketing, Big Switch Networks