Software-defined networking and network virtualization enable more robust, responsive IT infrastructures. Big Switch Networks Open SDN architecture and the company's commitment to open standards and open APIs, with support across the entire network including physical and virtual infrastructure, provides a long term path to network agility, network innovation, and greater overall utilization.

James Davis, Sr. VP, Global Network Services
Fidelity Investments

We believe SDN has the potential to bring transformational change to the way companies build and manage their network to meet the challenges of highly dynamic and virtualized applications over the next few years. As fellow members of ONF, we believe the commitment to open architecture, standards and frameworks will be critical to the innovation, adoption and evolution of SDN to address the dynamic needs of the enterprise network.

Steven Schwartz, Global Head of Telecommunications & Market Data Services
Goldman Sachs

SDN is enabling a range of applications and bringing new-found agility to what historically has been a closed and inflexible enterprise network architecture. Open APIs, network application suites and support for physical and virtual infrastructure are important to realize the maximum benefits from SDN.

Joe Skorupa, VP & Distinguished Analyst, Data Center

With the increasing adoption of cloud computing, enterprises are seeking greater flexibility in their network architectures and as well as increased agility from the datacenter networks that support their applications. In that context, Switch Light can be viewed as a logical response to market demand as well as evidence of the maturation and progression of the SDN ecosystem. Customers are looking at how the entire SDN stack supports their applications and their overall business requirements, and the vendor community is responding accordingly.

Brad Casemore, IDC research director for datacenter networks
International Data Corporation

Big Switch Networks has delivered the first “open SDN” product suite and is one of the leaders of the major SDN network transformation underway, driven by enterprises and data center owners’ desire for operational efficiency and flexibility in managing and automating their multi-vendor environments.

Sam Barnett, Directing Analyst, Data Center & Cloud
Infonetics Research

Thanks to the large and growing community around Floodlight as well as its support by Big Switch Networks, we have selected it as the baseline controller for demonstrating our own upcoming OpenFlow-based solutions. Customers typically use our 6WINDGate™ networking software in conjunction with standards-based open-source platforms and will benefit from the synergy between Big Switch’s products and ours.

Eric Carmès, CEO of 6WIND

A10 is excited to be working with Big Switch Networks to extend software-defined networking to the application networking market. Big Tap and Big Virtual Switch are an excellent complement to our AX Series Application Delivery Controllers, allowing us to optimize, accelerate, and secure SDN networks.

Raj Jalan, CTO
A10 Networks

By delivering highly reliable, standards-based switches for data center top-of-rack deployments and spine networks, Accton helps customers reduce the cost of their private and public cloud infrastructures,” said George Tchaparian, CTO and Senior Vice President of Accton Technology. “Accton’s Gigabit Ethernet, 10G Ethernet and 40G Ethernet switch hardware products together with Big Switch Networks’ Switch Light will provide customers with a complete SDN solution that reduces capital and operating costs while enabling more rapid provisioning of new applications and capacity.

George Tchaparian, CTO and Senior Vice President of Accton Technology
Accton Technology

Broadcom’s StrataXGS devices help datacenters improve application performance, agility and asset utilization by delivering high performance connectivity, enabling workload mobility and network automation. The combination of silicon leadership, comprehensive SDK, and SDN API capabilities make the Broadcom platform ideally suited for Open SDN innovations.  We are pleased that Big Switch has chosen our platform to develop their Switch Light solution.

Sujal Das, Director of Product Marketing, Infrastructure and Networking Group
Broadcom Corporation

Brocade and Big Switch are working together to provide network operators high-value solutions that can be seamlessly deployed in their networks to realize the benefits of SDN.  Brocade, like Big Switch, believes the success of SDN lies in enabling innovation through an open multivendor environment. Through this collaboration we will validate interoperability and joint use cases to meet our customers’ needs as they make the move to cloud architectures for increased business agility, new service models and better IT asset utilization.

David Meyer, CTO & Chief Scientist

Open Source is very important to Caltech, and research in general. As a research organization, we spend a lot of time writing innovative code, so best-of-breed open source projects upon which to base our work on help us focus on the project-specific aspects, as well as foster collaboration with academic and industry partners. Caltech selected the Floodlight open source controller as the basis for work we are doing for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN. The LHC community distributes and processes 100's of Petabytes, and growing, of data worldwide every year, which requires a state-of-the-art approach to networking. SDN looks very promising here.

Arthur Barczyk, Senior Engineer

Ubuntu is the most popular platform for OpenStack because of its ability to integrate cutting edge technologies. Our enterprise and carrier customers are already demanding advanced networking solutions based on open standards, so we are supportive of Big Switch's commitment to Open SDN and Project Floodlight, as they provide our customers the flexibility needed to build dynamic cloud infrastructure while simplifying network operations

Kyle McDonald, Vice President of Cloud

We are pleased to have Big Switch Networks join us in the Citrix Ready program.  By becoming Citrix Ready for XenServer, Big Switch Networks has simplified the path to cloud computing for customers with a platform that provides advanced virtual machine migration, enhanced networking and security, increased vendor compatibility and automated virtual machine conversion tools.

Aimee Catalano, VP, Alliance Marketing

Customers recognize that legacy networks have failed to deliver the flexibility and scalability required for OpenStack clouds. Big Virtual Switch offers a compelling solution for customers looking to make their networks as agile as the rest of their infrastructure cloud.

Randy Bias, Co-founder and CTO

Coraid is excited to partner with Big Switch Networks to demonstrate the potential of software-defined storage.  The combination of Big Virtual Switch and our Coraid EtherCloud products brings powerful new capabilities to the software defined datacenter, allowing administrators to achieve enhanced end-to-end security, dynamic flexibility and simplicity in the storage network.

Kevin Brown, CEO

Software-defined networking, with its promise of programmable networks, is redefining the future of networking. Big Switch Open SDN architecture and the company’s leadership in open APIs and open standards complements Dell's Virtual Network Architecture and our commitment to providing open, scalable, cost-effective networking solutions for the enterprise.

Arpit Joshipura, Vice President Marketing
Dell Networking

We're excited by the opportunity that an open, software-defined, networking architecture presents from a visibility perspective. Organizations value the ability to move monitoring and recording capability fluidly across their networks without the traditional bounds of physical taps and we see real potential for growth. We're pleased to be collaborating with Big Switch and can see some great synergies that we plan to exploit in the future.

Spencer Greene, Sr. VP of Marketing and Product Management

Extreme Networks leading Open Fabric switching solution provides a seamless experience to the customer though open APIs, open standards, and open SDN architectures. The next natural evolution to our hybrid offerings based on ExtremeXOS is an SDN-centric thin switching solution. This allows us to offer customers a broad portfolio of traditional networking devices as well as new SDN networking devices and a migration path from traditional to newer SDN networks.

David Ginsburg, Chief Marketing Officer
Extreme Networks

The combination of Big Switch’s Big Virtual Switch application and F5's BIG-IP iApp brings a new level of flexibility and agility to cloud-enabled networks and improves the delivery of applications across the data center. 

Jim Ritchings, Sr. VP of Business Development

Firemon is a strong supporter of open source and open standards in software-defined networks.  We have been working with Floodlight to demonstrate how security and risk analysis can be tightly integrated into an open SDN.

F. Ward Holloway III, Vice President, Business Development

Fortinet has been a proponent of Software Defined Networks (SDN), offering our leading security solutions as virtual appliances from an early stage. The Big Virtual Switch application combined with the powerful API capability in our FortiGate, FortiSwitch and FortiManager product lines helps deliver dynamic, flexible security services for our customers.

Ken Xie, President and CEO

As an early member of the Open Networking Foundation, InfoBlox has been a strong supporter of OpenFlow and Software-Defined Networking. The combination of Big Virtual Switch and our Trinzic DDI appliance help our customers realize the promise of flexibility, agility, and scale in their networks.

Steve Nye, Executive VP of Product Strategy & Corp. Development

Software-defined networking, with its promise of programmable networks, is redefining the future of networking. Big Switch Open SDN architecture and the company’s leadership in open APIs and open standards is aligned with Mellanox’s commitment and SND leadership position to provide the most efficient interconnect solutions for virtualized data centers and cloud applications.

Michael Kagan, CTO
Mellanox Technologies

Microsoft and Big Switch share a similar strategy for SDN, centered on open, extensible technologies to foster a broad ecosystem of customer solutions. The Big Switch approach aligns with how we are delivering SDN capabilities within Windows Server Hyper-V and System Center management, as part of the Microsoft Cloud OS vision.

Brad Anderson, Corp. VP, Management and Security

We are very excited to be working with Big Switch to integrate software-defined networking into OpenStack clouds. Big Virtual Switch provides a game changing technology for building highly multi-tenant, dynamic, scalable networks.

Boris Renski, Co-Founder & Exec. VP of Marketing and Alliances

Nebula is incredibly excited to be working with Big Switch to bring the flexibility, scale, and agility of Software Defined Networking to OpenStack.  Big Virtual Switch is an excellent complement to our enterprise-class private cloud platform.

Chris Kemp, CEO

Project Floodlight and the Indigo2 OpenFlow framework helped Overture accelerate our development by offering robust, industry leading open source software. We applaud the efforts of Big Switch and the community supporting Floodlight and Indigo2 as they promote what has become the SDN industry’s reference.

Bob Lynch, Head of Advanced Development

Big Switch and Palo Alto Networks have partnered together to deliver an integrated, automated, secure SDN solution that features Palo Alto Networks next-generation security policies automatically provisioned for virtual network segments managed by Big Virtual Switch.  This joint solution enables businesses to leverage the flexibility and agility benefits of SDN networks, while ensuring proper isolation, inspection and compliant-delivery of applications and services.

Nir Zuk, CTO
Palo Alto Networks

As we work with customers to deploy enterprise private clouds, our customers are increasingly asking for network virtualization solutions.  We're excited to be working with Big Switch Networks to bring together our Enterprise OpenStack software with Big Virtual Switch and offer a new level of flexibility, agility, and scale to OpenStack networks.

Joshua McKenty, Co-Founder and CEO
Piston Cloud Computing

Radware’s SDN solutions allow software-defined networks to easily provision and automate scalable L4-L7 applications such as ADC and security solutions as wide network services.  We are part of and strongly support the open source communities, including Project Floodlight, that allow customers to fully utilize innovative network and application technologies. We chose the Floodlight open source controller to work with our ADC and Security SDN application to transform the network from a simple forwarding and routing entity into a smart, application aware, routing layer. Open standard initiatives are extremely important to provide customers democratization in choosing the most relevant applications for their business needs.

Avi Chesla, CTO

When selecting an Open Flow Controller to target for our security extension, SRI researchers needed one that was well-engineered and broadly available. Working with Big Switch, we are now building the tools that will allow network operators to create more secure Open Flow networks.

Phil Porras, program director in the Computer Science Laboratory at SRI International
SRI International

OpenStack has been lacking flexible, dynamic, and scalable networks until now. It was one of the main barriers to massive adoption in the Enterprise. At StackOps, we have the mission to make OpenStack available to companies of any size enabling its deployment and operation at a production level.  We see Big Virtual Switch as an excellent complement to StackOps Enterprise Edition, a product that will definitely take us one step closer to our mission.

Diego Parrilla, CEO and Founder

Threatstop is excited to be using Big Switch Networks Open SDN platform. We are connecting our Real time IP Reputation Service through open APIs in Big Virtual Switch to offer a highly scalable, SDN security solution.

Tom Byrnes, Founder & CEO

vArmour is excited to be working with Big Switch Networks to deliver an SDN-based security solution. vArmour is pioneering software defined security, SDsec, bringing a scalable, flexible, programmable, network security enforcement layer to the highly virtualized computing environment. The Open SDN architecture allowed us to start out as members of the open source Floodlight community but easily shift over to work with Big Switch's commercial products to deliver SDsec for virtual networks.

Roger Lian, CEO

VSS Monitoring, a world leader in vendor-neutral Network Packet Brokers (NPBs), is excited to partner with Big Switch Network and its OpenSDN ecosystem.  Our Enterprise, Government, and Service Provider customers need better ways to architect their data centers.  Now they can look to VSS’ vBrokers and Big Switch’s Big Tap and Big Virtual Switch to deliver new levels of flexibility and economics for their network operations and service delivery, extending their current network performance and security tool investments into the SDN environment.

Rob Markovich, SVP Global Sales & Marketing
VSS Monitoring