Delivering Network Automation and Visibility for VMware Virtualized Environments

With Big Cloud Fabric™, VMware networks are 8x faster to setup initially, 12x faster to configure, deploy applications and troubleshoot, and 30x faster when upgrading. 

Big Cloud Fabric – the networking industry’s only open SDN fabric - offers customers agility needed for faster innovation, operational simplicity, and hyperscale economics. VMware administrators can now benefit from unprecedented physical network automation and visibility into vSphere® Server Virtualization Environments and NSX® Network Virtualization Deployments while reducing TCO with white-box switch economics.

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  • VMware vSphere® Server Virtualization Environments: The Big Cloud Fabric controller directly integrates into VMware vCenter™ to automate network application deployment on the physical SDN fabric. The Big Cloud Fabric controller becomes a single point of integration with vCenter for an entire Leaf-Spine Clos fabric, significantly simplifying application deployment across virtual and physical networks.
  • VMware NSX® Network Virtualization Deployments. Big Cloud Fabric also seamlessly interoperates with the VMware NSX-v controller providing enhanced physical network visibility to VMware network administrators.

Big Cloud Fabric also supports an enhanced Fabric Analytics for deep visibility of VMware VMs for network administrators, including VM & host properties, VM mobility events and host connectivity to the Big Cloud Fabric leaf switches. Having a consistent view of virtualization environments across both virtualization and network admins allow rapid resolution of cross-domain issues.

Joe Solsona CEO
U2 Cloud, LLC