Big Monitoring Fabric Starter Kits

Getting started with SDN-style software and bare metal switch hardware for optimized and efficient monitoring of datacenter networks is easier than ever with the Big Monitoring Fabric starter kits.

These starter kits include the switching hardware, software and cables that make it simple to start. Deployment guides are available for use that highlight general monitoring fabric best practices. Big Monitoring Fabric’s scale-out architecture, simplified operations and bare metal switch economics makes the fabric an an attractive replacement for traditional NPB solutions.


The components in these starter kits include:

  • Bare Metal Switch Hardware: The switches are capable of delivering 48x10GE non-blocking, line-rate traffic from the production network to any tools.
  • SDN Controllers: An HA pair of virtual machines, enabling centralized configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting in a simplified manner. The Big Monitoring Fabric controller CLI, GUI or REST APIs provide a single pane of glass for provisioning and managing the Big Monitoring Fabric.
  • Support/Maintenance: Bundles of hardware/software maintenance for 1-3 years are available as part of these starter kits.
  • Cables: 40GE AOC cables for inter-switch connectivity and 10GE DAC cables for tool connectivity are included as part of the starter kits.