Big Cloud Fabric Starter Kits

Getting started with bare metal switch hardware, SDN-style software and core-and-pod data center designs is easy with the Big Cloud Fabric starter kits. These starter kits include the switching hardware, software, support and (in some kits) cables that make it easy to start. Deployment guides are available for use as a general L2/L3 data center fabric or as an integrated networking system for OpenStack cloud deployments. With Big Cloud Fabric’s Zero Touch Fabric technology and streamlined configuration, a fully functional leaf/spine network can be up and running in minutes.


The components in these starter kits include:

  • Bare Metal Switch Hardware: Leaf switches (details below) capable of delivering 48x10GE to servers and 6x40GE to the spine, and spine switches capable of 32x40GE down to leaf switches. These physical devices allow for designs up to 16 rack (dual leaf) / 6 spine CLOS architectures.
  • SDN Controllers: The Big Cloud Fabric SDN Controller, available in either virtual appliance (VMs for lab PoCs) or physical appliances (1RU devices for production builds), serves as the centralized control/mgmt plane. With CLI, GUI, REST API and Neutron API integration, the controller makes managing the leaf/spine CLOS as simple as managing one big switch.
  • Support/Maintenance: Bundles of hardware/software maintenance for 1-3 years are available as part of these starter kits.
  • Cables: 40GE AOC cables for inter-switch connectivity and 10GE DAC cables for tool connectivity are included as part of the starter kits.